I bostadstider

The Economist berättar om att hyresmarknaden för bostäder i New York är reglerad. I New York fungerar därför inte bostadsmarknaden. Där saknas också den politiska viljan att komma till rätta med problemet.

Price controls, even if laboriously tweaked, inevitably produce inefficiencies, reduce supply and cause bad side-effects. Black markets and bribery thrive. Building maintenance is often ignored. Landlords and tenants find themselves in poisonous relationships, since they are linked by law rather than by voluntarily renewable contracts. Unscrupulous property owners go to dangerous lengths to evict tenants in order to get higher-paying replacements; as a result, tenant-protection laws have been enacted that make it almost impossible to evict even a scoundrel.

Alla som känner igen sig räcker upp en hand.