Andrew firar

Andrew Sullivan skrev bra igår:

This is an amazing victory, a victory over a monster who gassed civilians, jailed children, sent millions into fruitless wars, harbored poisonous weapons to threaten free peoples, tortured thousands, and made alliances with every two-bit opportunist on the planet.

It's a victory over those who marched in the millions to stop this liberation, over the endless media cynics, over the hate-America crowd, and the armchair generals. It's a victory for the two countries in the world that have always made freedom possible and who have now brought it to another corner of the world made dark by terror. It's a victory for the extraordinary servicemen and women who performed this task with such skill, cool, courage and restraint. It's a victory for optimism over pessimism, the righting of past wrongs, the assertion of universal truths against postmodern excuses, and of political leadership over appeasement.

Celebrate it. Don't let the whiners take this away from you or from the people of Iraq.

Det ligger en del i det.

Och missa för allt i världen inte Anders, som haft några lysande inlägg idag och igår. Per Ahlin, Robert Fisk, George Bush och slutligen årets osmaklighet från Jan Guillou som visar hur otäck den mannen är. Blundar man hårt nog ser man inget.